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Karina Bautista is a rapidly rising star in the world of Philippine showbiz and modelling scene. She has made a splash as a model, actress, and Instagram influencer, and YouTube blogger — dazzling fans with her stunning looks and charismatic personality.

Karina’s star started to shine when she appeared on the popular reality TV show in the Philippines, PBB Teen.

Karina Baustista officially joins PinoyBigBrother Otso

Karina’s social media presence is particularly noteworthy, as she has amassed a large following on Instagram – 1.4 million followers on — and other platforms through her fun and engaging content.

Karina’s Youtube account has 720K subscribers and growing –

Karina or “Kare” is also on Twitter.

In the YouTube video “Reacting To Mean Tweets!”, the YouTuber begins with some musical interludes before addressing a mean tweet criticizing their attitude. Despite the negativity, Karina confidently expresses her self-worth and emphasize the importance of being humble and kind. She also acknowledged the impact of mean comments on her personal growth and express gratitude towards her supporters. The YouTuber spreads a message of love and unity, urging viewers to refrain from engaging in negativity.

With her boundless energy and infectious smile, there is no doubt that Karina Bautista is a name to watch in the world of entertainment for years to come.

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