Instagram User Collects ‘Pinay Armpits,’ Gets Almost 2,000 Followers

While other people collect coins, stamps and books, this person has a different kind of collection. An Instagram user by the username Pinay Armpits is close to getting 2,000 followers — just by collecting photos of arm pits belonging to Pinays on the web.

Kili-kili power! Ipagmalaki ang kilikiling pinay!” says the user on the account

The hastag #pinay_armpit seems to point the fact that in the Philippine culture, having a white (maputing) and smooth (makinis) underarms is considered beautiful, thus whitening and bleaching creams are popular.

The pictures in the Instagram account seem to be a mix of female celebrities, models, other Instagram users and photos most likely taken from social media accounts.

As of this writing, the account has 122 posts.

So how do they make their underarms whiter and smoother?

Watch this video and see how a Filipina blogger makes her underarms or armpit clear, using cosmetic products:

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