What is this terrifying, ‘devilish’ insect from Asia – Australia?


This weird looking and terrifying creature is a Creatonotos gangis moth, which is found in Australia and parts of Asia. It does not look like any other moth out there, that is why a video posted on Facebook of a live Creatonotos gangis moth recently went viral.

Unfortunately, it cannot be found in the Philippines. Its Asian distribution includes parts of Indonesia (Eastern Indonesia), India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Thailand and New Guinea. In Australia, it is restricted to northern parts of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, extending as far south as Mackay.

In 2017, The Independent reported a viral video displaying a “devilish” insect – the elongated coremata of the Creatonotos gangis – attracting the attention of viewers.

Another one was also filmed in Indonesia and was uploaded to Facebook.

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