Mysterious Amazon Monkey Spotted Again for First Time in 80 Years

A weird-looking flying monkey has been seen alive, after eluding scientists since it was first spotted in the 1930s.

According to National Geographic, the elusive the Vanzolini bald-faced “saki monkey” has not been seen alive in 80 years. It was found only the Amazon and parts of South America.

A team of scientists led by Laura Marsh, the director of the Global Conservation Institute and a leading expert on saki monkeys, set out on a four-month-long expedition into a little-explored part of the western Amazon.

That is where the  Vanzolini bald-faced saki was again found. It was named after Brazilian zoologist Paulo Vanzolini (its scientific name is Pithecia vanzolinii).

In this YouTube video, you will see a rare baby Saki Monkey.

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