‘Ethical’ hackers buy a MacBook for $1 and no, it wasn’t a promo

With the price of Apple MacBooks so expensive, buying one for $1 dollar might be unbelievable — but some hackers actually were able to do it to prove that sales systems can be manipulated.

The Next Web reports that:

Researchers from software security firm ERPScan have discovered a vulnerability in point-of-sale terminals developed by SAP and Oracle. If exploited, the flaw could grant attackers authorization to tap into the back-end system and tamper with prices and discounts for any item.

Meddling with this POS terminals, ERPScan’s Dmitry Chastuhin and Vladimir Egorov found that the system’s Xpress server suffered from a slew of missing authorization measures. What was particularly jarring about this is that, in addition to access to credit card data, it also enabled attackers to gain unfettered control over the server.

This just goes to show that even big tech companies like SAP and Oracle are open to vulnerabilities. But since they have already been alerted by these ethical hackers, there is lesser chance that you hack the system and buy a $1 MacBook pretty soon.

But who doesn’t want a $1 MacBook right? For now just dream about it.

Photo by Pixabay

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